Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Abondoned Family Cemetery In Western North Carolina

On January 11 2008 my parents were on there way to Spruce Pine NC to attend the birthday party of my mother’s uncle Lloyd Burleson. On there way, they decided to do some investigating into the location of the McCracken Cemetery. This cemetery is the burial site of my family members including Margaret Smith(my great,great grandmother), her parents Mathie and Juda Robinson Smith, Vianna Branch-the first wife of Margaret’s husband William Branch and several others. This cemetery was thought to lost!!!!

After no luck, They decided to just do a door to door poll as to the whereabouts of the graveyard. At the first house, no luck! No one was home. At the second home they were extremely successful. According to my mother, my dad approached the house, knocked on the door and spent what seem like a while talking to a gentlemen. The gentlemen accompanied my Dad back to the car. He said hello to my mother and she began to ponder in her mind that she may know this man. “What did you say you name was again?” she said. “Wade Stiles”he replied. Mom then realized she went to school with him and his wife Mary Jo and her younger sister Edna Earl. She also remembered that he had worked at the local Chevy dealer in Burnsville and that they had bought a car from him.

After a brief conversation, They began to explain that they were looking for the graveyard and he told them of the exact location. He indicated that it was on a steep hill behind his property and that he and Mary Jo went up there about 3 years ago to clean it up. He also stated that the grave markers were all still in good shape. According to Wade someone has left money in there will to put a fence around the cemetery but as of yet, no one has. We hope to take my grandfather James Eunia Smith there to see the graves of his grandmother and great grandparents. Since he is into his 90’s he is unable to make the walk up the steep hill but Wade has graciously offered to take him up there on his ATV.

My dad is currently petitioning some help from his cousins and other family members to help clean up the family cemetery.

This cemetery is located in the Plumtree community of Yancey County just outside of Burnsville, NC. The cemetery is located on a steep hill on private property behind the home of Wade Stiles and his wife.


Cristal said...

I have been trying to find this cemetery for a few weeks. Mattie or Matthew's brother James was my great, great grandfather. Their father's name was Zachariah, but I don't know where he is buried or what his parents names were.